AR Factoring breathes life back into Texas Based Freight Carrier

By Wade Henderson

Can you imagine working really hard to make ends meet and cutting costs everywhere to make yourself profitable and your get a registered letter in the mail from your bank demanding their Line of Credit to be paid off within 14 days?

Trucking Company in Texas USA; Bank recently called their Line of Credit due to tightening restrictions. As a result they had to pay off the bank their 1.0mm LOC within 2 weeks of being notified. An internet based Commercial Finance Broker set up the deal and not only paid off the bank within the time period required but also increased the availability of the Line of Credit up to $1.75mm using Accounts Receivable Factoring.

This has happened many times to many different companies in the United States and Canada over the last couple of years. As much as President Obama is working to make funding available to companies for their operations, banks still are contracting their risk threshold and are less willing to expose themselves to risk every day.

If your company has a need of liquidity, and not debt, do your self a favor and speak with a Professional Commercial Finance Broker as they will have the answers your bank will not, and odds are they will not even tell you about the other options that are out there.

Commercial Finance is extremely specialized. It is not like going into the nearest lender to you and asking for a generic flavor-of-the-day Commercial Loan and having it fit exactly what you need it to. Some lenders do Commercial Mortgages with a side of Equipment Lending while others will be really good at getting Equipment Deals done for Trucking companies, but also offer Equipment Financing on restaurant equipment, but are really lacking in regards to their termsThe Commercial Finance Broker will know about this and will be able to package your deal for the best lender for you.

Many Commercial Finance Brokers are current with the most recent changes and offerings on the market today ranging from Commercial Mortgages, Commercial Equipment Finance, Export Finance, Purchase Order Finance, Lines of Credit and Accounts Receivable Factoring. - 31384

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Ever Dream Of The Big Sale?

By Wade Henderson

Ever dreamed of that bug sales? You know the one I am talking about, the one that would put your company on the map in your industry as a player. Be careful for what you wish for. Many companies have wished for that very thing until it actually happens. What would you do if you received that order and it was for more than you entire last 2 yeas of sales in one Purchase Order?

This exact thing happened to a Telecom Distribution Company in New York State, USA. They went from sales of the last 2 years of nearly $600,000 to an order of $650,000 in one shot. Their Line of Credit was for $200,000 so the owner of the company promptly went to the bank to get it increased so he could take the order. I am sure you already know what happened. He was denied the increase in credit.

The customer in this case had to have 30 day terms on the invoice. To make it worse, the suppliers needed to be paid before they would ship the goods. Big problem. If you look at a 10 day delivery time on top of the 30 day sale terms, he would have 40 long days that needs to be gapped. With the though of having to refuse the order in your mind, consider this. What if there were a way to finance this gap in funding that would not involve major financial statements, appraisals and other types of documents?

The owner of the company did speak with some Accounts Receivable Factoring Companies but they were not able to help out due to the time lag between the timing of the advance requirement and the delivery of the goods to the customer. They could not Factor the Accounts Receivable until the product was delivered, and they could not deliver the product until they received an advance to pay for the product.

Through the use of a Commercial Finance Broker, a facility for Purchase Order Finance and Accounts Receivable Factoring was created. The order was able to be accepted which opened the door for future order from this customer and others just like them. - 31384

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Angel Investors Are Not Always The Best Alternative.

By Wade Henderson

No one has to tell a business owner that getting access to much needed cash flow is a difficult task today. It matter not if you are in Canada or the United States, if you have gone to the bank to inquire about financing, there is a good chance you were turned away. For this reason many companies turned to Angel Investors for that all important cash injection.

Angel Investors look at deals differently than banks, or most other lenders for that matter. Their focus is to net between 5 and 10 times their initial investment in a period not to exceed 5 years. They do this by carefully plotting their exit strategy to recover their funds within the specific time period they define which can take the form of public offerings of stock, takeover or liquidating the assets of the company. What ever it takes.

Since the market over the last few years has been such a challenge, Angel Investors have now increased their requirements fro 10 to 50 times their initial investment because the time frame they need to have funds tied up for has increased to up to 10 years.

Because of this high return on investment, Angel Financing is very expensive, but the lesser costing funds such as banks and credit unions are rarely available for new business start-ups. This is because the traditional financiers have a high threshold for accepting young companies for Business Loans.

So you are declined at the bank and you can not afford Angel Investors now what?

Reality is it does not matter if you are in Canada or the United States you do have options. Here I will give you a real example of a business that found the best option. There is a company in Alberta Canada that was looking to expand throughout North America with their product. The owner of the company went to the usual channels to get Commercial Financing. After he was turned down by the banks he the spoke to some Angel Investors and received proposals. After considering what was at steak by accepting the proposals he decided to continue looking for options. This is when he and I met over the internet and I presented him with options he had never considered, nor heard of for that matter. Accounts Receivable Factoring and Purchase Order Finance.

The company had just shipped out one order which took nearly 70% of his inventory and he had another order going out the following week which would wipe out the rest. They he was planning to wait until he received payment from his customer before he could order more product from his suppliers. Next trouble was the he had other orders waiting to be filled.

Within a week of his initial application the company was funded and he now had the operational funds needed to operate his business smoothly.

The moral of the story is quite simply, even if you are turned down by your bank, and you are not interested in giving your company away, there may be options to be had. Do your homework and seek alternative Commercial Finance options. - 31384

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The Homeowners Insurance Plan

By Rudolf Hansard

Once choosing on a favorable quantity of homeowner's insurance plan primary you have to decide the estimated substitute rate associated with your house. Therefore, you should select the insurance coverage quantity that matches your requirements best. You might wish to select a insurance coverage quantity which is similar to the predicted substitute price. You might desire to think about the advantages of getting plenty of insurance coverage rather than "just enough" experiencing as exactly how it's nearly not possible to guess the upcoming and in these types of changing moments what could have practically never occurred in the area before might be the phenomenon which occurs tomorrow.

The homeowner's insurance coverage plan will probably be your main insurance policy in relation to devastation made to your house. This insurance policy usually may give intended for destruction to your house because of windstorms, fire, explosions and hail and also theft and vandalism. Once your house gets unlivable because of destruction insured by your insurance policy your homeowner's insurance policy will even give the essential money intended for you plus your loved ones to stay somewhere else when your house is under build or even restoration.

It's your decision to find out with your own insurance plan company concerning what losses have no protection by your own homeowner's insurance cover. Many advises may well grant divided state-sponsored catastrophe resources, for example the windpool department in which protects destroy because of hurricanes, hail, tropical storms and wind. Because of the fact that this insurance plan might be presented by the state much homeowner's insurance coverage may perhaps terminate policy cover and send you to their windpool so that you can receive insurance coverage handle wind-related loss. For that reason, every time finding your dream house located in maximum-risk hurricane countries for instance Florida, South Carolina, Mississippi, Alabama, North Carolina and Texas you will require take into consideration paying for windstorm insurance plan.

Other problems that may typically seriously isn't protected with a large amount of homeowner's insurance quotes is the flood insurance plan. The flood insurance plan is commonly purchasable on the National Flood Insurance Department regularized by a Federal Emergency Management Agency. All of this protects damage generated caused by extreme waters or temporary floods. Hence principally as long as a temporary flood can cause water to penetrate your property the flood insurance plan as opposed to homeowners insurance plan is going to cover up your difficulties. At any time you really don't recognize if or not your private home is situated in any flood probability place you may perhaps the desire to discuss with your current insurance plan vendor and after that set your own insurance quote consequently.

Finally , the load of analyzing and renewal the homeowner insurance plan lies on the owner of a house. It's essential to ensure you accomplish this occasionally to make certain that you sustain sufficient protection. Remain conscience of many upgrades you're making to your house no matter whether you've got recently remodeled or even merely bought brand-new furnishings or gadgets. You should also stay aware of inflation and also increases in house price. A house which was bought for $30,000 in 1974 could be valued at $160,000 in 2004. It's also smart to think about the year your house was constructed and the price of construction materials in that time. In case your house was constructed in the 1970s does the constructing code of the latest millennium permit for similar building specifications? Do not become underpaid in the occasion of a loss simply because you underestimated the price of your house. - 31384

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Feed A Village with Vertical Greenhouse Structures

By Judy Stevens

Greenhouses. A wonderful and loved hobby for horticulturalists and avid gardeners but now, commercial greenhouses are staking a claim to the greenhouse enthusiasts. As our world becomes more sustainable, it only makes sense to build more greenhouses.

To explain, many universities naturally have their commercial greenhouses, for their agricultural studies. However, many elementary and pre-schools are also building greenhouses as this is a key factor in raising the generations to come. Not only are the children learning about growing and life, but they are also learning about our earth, importance of organic growing, eating habits and self worth.

As our land becomes more obsolete many have sought to build greenhouses with the use of hydroponics so the soil is preserved and the vegetation grows healthier by transporting the nutrients directly to the root of the plants.

Acreage can no longer go out so we must consider going up. With a large greenhouse structure, growing up, or "eco-building" is the idea of planting in large glass towers and keeping the glass greenhouse structures growing year round and in places that would normally be unavailable. This would create crop for countries in places where land is not available, either because of climate or because of space. It would also allow growing year round and quite possibly put a stop to much of the hunger crisis. Supplying healthy food through greenhouse structures or supplying crops that would help our oil crisis would be a complete sustainable process.

Organic fertilizing has been an issue we have struggled with over the years. We know chemicals placed on our plants is bad for you and we know that harmones injected into our livestock is also harmful. With organic living we can control the insects by allowing the good insects to kill off the bad and growing indoors allows this cleaner "greener" living. Our world has always had some faction carrying the mantra of "getting back to nature" but now is the time to take action and do this.

I think we can definitely make good use of what we are learning about the economy, about the earth, and about "green" living by simply following what we believe in. Building greenhouses are unquestionably here to stay. - 31384

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Mortgage Life Insurance Pros And Cons

By Reginald Gregory

Will a family have trouble paying off their mortgage on their home if they lose the income of their primary earner? The mortgage protection offered by a mortgage life insurance policy does away with this threat because it guarantees to pay off the outstanding amount on your mortgage if you die. Sounds like a good idea doesn't it? However in this brief article I can explain to you why there might be better strategies that you can use to make sure that your loved ones have their financial needs taken care of in the event of your passing. If you still think you want a mortgage insurance policy I will also tell you the one place you don't want to buy it.

When it comes to protecting your family, more has to be better, right? Remember though, that your mortgage payment is only a small fraction of your monthly expenses. Another way to approach it is to look at how much total income they would have to replace to maintain their standard of living if you were gone, and then buying enough insurance to meet that need. The fact is that paying off the mortgage entirely might not even be the smartest thing to do financially- what if your family wanted to sell the house? At any rate, putting funds from an insurance payout towards other expenses might make more sense. Mortgage life insurance would remove some flexibility in this case. Paying the same premiums into a term life policy would restore that flexibility.

A so-called return of premium term life insurance policy is, for many people, an improvement over the purchase of mortgage life insurance. A term policy like this can be had for the same amount of time you have remaining on your mortgage. Something that not everyone knows is that people generally outlive their term insurance policy. With this type of insurance, with the return of premium rider, if you are alive at the end of term premium payments paid back to you. Also be aware that "mortgage term life", while similar to mortgage insurance and possibly more attractive to you because it is cheaper, is probably not what you want because you surviving the policy will mean that your mortgage is not paid off of course, and no benefit is paid either.

If mortgage insurance still seems like something you want, the financial institution that you don't want to buy from is the bank that provided your mortgage loan. Probably the biggest reason why this is the case is that you can be pretty sure that they will try to overcharge you because of the one-stop shopping convenience of it.

So again, level term life policies sold by insurance agents and brokers might require a little more effort on your part, but taking advantage of the the 'convenience' of mortgage life insurance is probably a bad move when you take a closer look. - 31384

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Reasons To Have International Car Insurance Plus Where To Get It

By Nick Butter

Some people enjoy traveling around the world and seeing other cultures different than our own. Some who travel a lot may even choose to stay in a certain country for an extended period of time to live there and truly experience the culture.

Unless these people have someone who will drive them wherever they want to go, they will need to rent or buy a vehicle and have international auto insurance.

Most Americans with auto insurance will find that they are not insured outside of the US, for this reason it is essential that one contact their insurer in order to verify whether their actual policy does or does not cover them abroad.

One company that offers international auto insurance is Geico. Geico started out as an insurance company that insured government employees including the people in the military. Since 1954 Geico has also insured people from America in over two hundred countries around the world.

They have done this through a subsidiary company called International Insurance Underwriters. What they do is find where someone is going to be living and then find a local insurance company that is licensed in that country.

Geico has been selling insurance to all Americans for some time now and has managed to make a fairly good name for itself in the industry plus they are generally very good on price.

Other international auto insurance companies available

Another insurance company that offers international auto insurance is AIG. AIG offers its international auto insurance through one of their subsidiaries called American International Underwriters. They specialize in finding the right kind of insurance in the country that people will be in.

They generally attempt to get the most protection available in the designated country. They also have plans for people who are now living in a country full-time. To learn more about this you should contact AIG to get all the details.

Both of these companies are heavily used by Americans in need of international auto insurance, nevertheless there are of course other smaller companies out there that may or may not do a good job.

While both of the international auto insurance companies are close in service and cost, people might just want to call each company to directly compare prices and services.

Getting your international auto insurance from a company with a long and proven track record is a real must, after all you have to be sure you really will be 100% covered before you start driving in a foreign country. - 31384

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